In addition to its 20 years of attendance in the world of interior design Thecobel has 15 years of experience in import of carefully selected ‘Aubusson’ carpets known for their high quality and soberness of their colours.

Historically accurate replicas or ‘more frivolous’ carpet designs of the 18th century are also part of our collection.

Thecobel represents knowledge and quality to create inviting spaces furnished with taste and harmony.

With a ‘Aubusson’ carpet of the range, you get the ultimate makeover of your home, creating a relaxing atmosphere with originality or an ambiance with rather refreshing and colourful effects.

To achieve your aspirations and desires Thecobel offers a wide range of ‘Aubusson’ rugs rediscovered, giving your classic or timeless interior brightness and a unique and chic appearance.

You are welcome to discover our collection, freely and without any obligation on your part.

Yours faithfully,

Thérèse Coene